Shaping the landscape of retail cannabis.

  • Unlock untapped revenue streams
  • Collect data analytics and metrics
  • Join a network of independent retailers

Our Story

We are a collective of independent cannabis retailers changing the landscape of retail cannabis in Canada

Canna Collective exists for one reason: to empower the independent cannabis retailer and open up opportunities that exist in the cannabis landscape but are not accessible to independents.

Independent cannabis retailers can get lost in the over saturated market that currently exists in Canada. On our own we are missing opportunities because we don’t have the buying or selling power to make a difference.

Canna Collective changes all of that.

Together we are much stronger than we are alone. Collectively we are louder, stronger and more powerful than the biggest cannabis corporations.

Tip the scales and put the power in the hands of the independent retailer.

Collectively we can make a difference.

What We Do

  • Unlock untapped revenue streams for independents
  • Provide data analytics and metrics for independents
  • Provide capital for cannabis retailers
  • Provide and manage loyalty programs
  • Collectively white label our own in house brands to increase profit margins for independents at the retail level
  • Create a network for independent retailers across Canada
  • Source of crowd funding for cannabis projects
  • Provide discounts to be used at CannaCollective partners
  • Live sales data, customer demographics, purchasing demographics, and market trend analysis

Canna Collective


We help you understand the power of your data and create pivot points to improve efficiency, customer base, customer loyalty and profit margins.

Data organization

Reporting in real time

Predictive AI menu curating

We connect independent retailers with the tools they need to overcome barriers in the market.

Together we have the strength to change the industry.

Canna Collective

Loyalty & Rewards

Join the biggest collective of independent retailers in the world.

Independent retailers loyalty program

Give your customers the ability to obtain rewards by shopping the collective group of stores

Collectively independents have the biggest customer base in the market

Personalize programs that work for you at zero cost

Connect through SMS and email - All for free

Canna Collective

Insurance & Benefits

Escape the high premiums paid by cannabis retailers.

Join our insurance and benefits buying group and save.

We have partnered with The Insurance Market to provide normalized insurance and benefits rates.

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Find out more on how we can save you money on your insurance and benefits payments.

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Together we can shape the future landscape of retail cannabis.

Together we can shape the future landscape of retail cannabis.

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