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Insurance & Benefits

Cannabis retailers should not pay premiums based on stigmas that should no longer exist. We offer normalized retail industry rates with the proper coverage’s and limits to provide the protection that you, your business and employees should have..

Avoid not being properly covered and over paying insurance companies who don’t understand our industry and join Canna Collective.

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The cannabis industry is new so we can expect some vendors to be weary to do business in the cannabis realm. The stigma is squashed. We are retailers at the core of our business and our insurance rates and coverage’s should reflect that.

We should not be paying premiums because of other’s hesitation to be involved with an industry that may not suit their tastes.

We have partnered with The Insurance Market to bring independent cannabis retailers normalized rates and the right coverage’s for their insurance and benefits plans.

All Canna Collective members will be able to benefit on their insurance cost as we further normalize a now legitimate industry. There is not more risk or danger in this industry as our insurance companies would have you believe.

We are a collective buying group of insurance and benefits programs. The more retailers on board, the better our insurance plans get.

Get in touch with us and start having affordable monthly insurance and benefits bills.